The Fallout 4 Pip Boy edition is the hottest item for gamers this holiday season. Demand is so high that it distributors are cancelling the pre-orders. As with any collectors edition the value comes into question. So should wasteland adventurers risk the second hand market for these items?

Starting with the box, the box itself looks amazing. It has a double latch design that unlocks a clam shell lid to house all the items. The inside of it is well lined but its basically hallow. Inside the box you will see the game in a beautifully embossed steel book case for the game itself.

Ok I know you aren’t reading this to hear about the bloody box, you want to know about the Pip Boy itself. Well its very disappointing. For starters, if you are a plus sized phone user, (iPhone 6+ or Galaxy Note), you are out of luck, this product will not work. I can imagine even iPhone 6 users having issues with this product. The problems become apparent pretty quickly. The entire thing looks like a toy and not a PDA from a nuclear future. The build is made of a semi-sturdy glossy plastic. Besides some creative molding there is little to make it seem Fallout. After closer inspection all the knobs and dials except for one do nothing but click. It is at this point that the illusion of a real pip boy fades, and you realize what it really is. An expensive iPhone exercise arm band.

The problems don’t stop there.  The foam that lines the inside is not secured to the device at all, its merely wedged into it. Its comfy enough, but the inclusion of a Velcro strap is nice. Another foam related issue is the phone mounting inserts. You have to insert the correct phone mount and then squeeze your phone into it, then put a black out cover over it to adjust the aspect ratio, when an in app ratio option would have been nice.

Right now you might think that I am complaining because I am under whelmed with the device itself, while that is true, I could forgive that and still advise collectors and hardcore fans to acquire a Pip Boy, but the kicker is, while the plastic its made of is semi-sturdy, the device is not assembled well. I didn’t receive a review copy, I pre-ordered mine, and the one I got was broken. A cosmetic button on the top was pushed in and rattling around in the unit, and form arm lining was torn.

This device can be used as intended and it will not last very long.  I can not advise getting this product for the absurd prices people are asking for it. It is cool at a glance, but that is it.

But hey it lights up.

I will have a full unboxing video up on our Youtube channel later tonight, but here are pictures of the damage to my personal information processor.

There should be a black cosmetic button where my index finger is.


You can see the rips happening by the hole for the strap.


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