Lionsgate released character posters confirming the names of their protagonists from the upcoming ‘Power Rangers’ movie. It’s not much of a surprise, but more proof that the studio and creative team are looking to bank on nostalgia while also creating a new legacy for the morphinominal teens for a new generation.

San Diego Comic Con is a week away and ‘Power Rangers’ will have some kind of presence there. Here are five things I’d like to see from not only the SDCC panel, but from the movie when it comes out.


1.) Teaser Trailer Reveal With Bryan Cranston’s Zordon Narrating

I don’t care what he says. I just want to hear Cranston’s Zordon talking to Alpha 5, or Rita talking about what makes these kids so special.

A teaser along the lines of the first trailer for ‘The Dark Knight’ where you just have a black screen with glimpses of light revealing the logo while dialogue plays would be just fine. Cranston just has that voice that commands your attention. Hearing him giving some kind of speech to the Rangers or Alpha would be enough to give people chills.

Then we close with a quick glimpse of the team suited up and moving in their suits. It doesn’t have to be a fight scene. It could just be them posing like they are in the first official image of the team.

2.) Concept Art of the Zords

We know that the Zords will be in the movie. What we don’t know is how big of a role they will play throughout the movie. With Kaiju (giant monsters) movies making a big mark in box offices over the last few years, it would be a missed opportunity to not have a giant robot fight a giant monster somewhere within the movie.

We don’t need to see the Zords in action- all though it would be awesome to see the Megazord assembled as the final shot of a teaser- just what the individual Zords and the Megazord will look like in the movie.
PRMBilly 3.) Reveal Alpha 5’s Look

Zordon’s right-hand man and Rangers mascot, Alpha 5 is likely going to be the comedic relief within the movie. My biggest concern is that the current trend of robots with moving mouths (Optimus Prime, Ultron) is one I am not a fan of. Movies like Wall-E prove that people- especially kids- don’t need to have a mouth to show you who is talking. Here’s hoping the creative team keeps Alpha in a fairly classic style.

4.) Reveal the Command Center

Getting a glimpse of the Power Rangers base of operations would be a pretty great surprise. Seeing where a good portion of the movie will take place and what Zordon’s tube looks like will be a nice treat for fans.

5.) Tease Tommy/Green Ranger For the Sequel

Ok, so this one isn’t so much a want as much as it is an almost certainty. Lionsgate has made it clear that they want to turn this into a franchise and they have as many as nine movies in the pipeline should this one prove successful.

Getting any kind of tease for a Green Ranger sequel would be quite amazing and make and Rangers fan giddy.

Did I miss anything you’d like to see? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Slated to release March 24th, 2017, ‘Power Rangers’ tells the story of a group of high-school kids, who are infused with unique superpowers, harness their abilities in order to save the world.

Starring Bryan Cranston as Zordon, Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa, Darce Montgomery as Jason/Red Reanger, Becky G. as Trini/Yellow Ranger, RJ Cyler as Billy/Blue Ranger, Naomi Scott as Kimberly/Pink Raner and Ludi Lin as Zack/Black Ranger

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