Gamestop Haults The New PowerPass System Temporarily

Gamestop’s PowerPass, a $60 per 6-month subscription where you can rent as many pre-owned games as you like and keep your last rental, was originally scheduled to launch on November 19, 2017.

Just days before Gamestop’s PowerPass was scheduled to launch, the retailer decided to “temporarily pause” the subscription due to “a few program limitations” as said in a statement given to Gamespot by Gamestop.

Kotaku, which first reported the news, heard from store employees that GameStop’s computers were not capable of processing the data required for PowerPass. The service soft-launched this week, so that is where the issues may have been found. Management reportedly informed staff to remove PowerPass signage as well.

If you have signed up for PowerPass before it’s launch, you can bring back your game and get a refund. On top of that, GameStop is letting PowerPass subscribers pick up any pre-owned game for free, which is better than most retailers would do in a similar case.


Gamestop has yet to announce a new date for the new launch. We will keep you posted as news comes in.


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