In late June 2015 it was quietly announced that PC hardware manufacture Razer would purchase Ouya in its entirety.  Ouya would then be a distribution platform for Razer’s Android TV apps and services. The Ouya store front will be renamed as “Cortex for Android TV”.

For those who don’t remember what Ouya was, here is a refresher.  Ouya was a kickstarted console meant to be simple to use, simple to program for, and made on the cheap. While it had some early success as an android based console was never attempted before, the system was fairly weak at launch and the company struggled to meet the demands of the user base. As time went on the goals of the Ouya were adopted by much larger more well funded companies. Sony, Microsoft, Razer, and Nvidia all adopted a platform that was developer focused, and some like Razer, Nvidia, and Madcatz even made a competing Android based console.  Despite being Kickstarter’s earliest big profile project, it was a victim of its own success. With this purchase Ouya CEO, Julie Urhman will also be leaving.

She tweeted this when commenting on the purchase

“.@Razer Can’t wait to see what you do. Take care of my incredible team and community…I know you will.”

It is this writer’s opinion that if Ouya was designed to be a challenge to power hungry mentality of console manufacture’s and shift to consoles that developers would love, if this was the case it was highly successful. Its still sad to see what was a passion project lose its leadership. Ouya was a passion project to the point that the company crashed E3 by setting up their own booth across from the LA convention center in a parking lot and handed out free hot dogs, seriously read about it here.

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