Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Released – Special Rockruff Available


Today is the global launch of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Did you happen to pick up either or both copies of these games? If you did you can also download a special Rockruff to your game(s). Check out its stats below.


Level: 10

Type: Rock

Moves: Fire Fang (Ultra Sun Only), Thunder Fang (Ultra Moon Only), & Happy Hour.

Item: Focus Band

Ability: Own Tempo

This Rockruff will evolve into its new Dusk Form Lycanroc between 5 PM and 5:59 PM when it reaches Level 25.



roc’s Dusk Form can only be obtained by evolving this special Rockruff. We will have more Information on Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as time goes on. Let us know your thoughts on these games if you got them.


Sources: Pokemon.com, Bulbapedia

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