At the 2016 edition of San Diego Comic Con International, Warner Brothers Pictures confirmed that Ben Affleck will star, co-write and direct his solo ‘Batman’ film that has yet to be slated with a release date.

Following the financial success of ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, Affleck has a quick turnaround as the Dark Knight and will work with Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince/Wonder Woman and build the Justice League to help fill the (temporarily) void left by Superman’s (apparent) death.

While many details of ‘Justice League’ have been confirmed, what we don’t yet know is how the Caped Crusader will fill his time when he’s not hanging out with his new super friends. Here are a few story ideas that could work with Affleck’s older Batman


Under the Red Hood/Arkham Knight

‘Suicide Squad’ has many fans thinking that Jared Leto’s Joker is actually the fallen Robin teased in ‘Batman v Superman’ (pictured below). While this works for many fan theorists, logically this assumption makes no sense. The more likely scenario is that we will have some of the gaps filled from images we saw in ‘BvS’ and get a Jason Todd resurrection/revenge story.

While there have been a couple of iterations of how Jason survived this DC universe is clearly not tying itself to any source material and Affleck, under the guidance of Geoff Johns (President & CCO at DC) could weave a tantalizing story that could appeal to both fans and newcomers to this new universe.

batfleck 4

Death of the Family

In the New 52, one of the biggest stories that came out of Scott Snyder’s ‘Batman’ run was the return of the Joker and kidnapping all of the members of the Bat family (Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Damian Wayne/Robin, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Jason Todd/Red hood) and putting Batman in an impossible situation of having to save all of them from his greatest nemesis.

One wrinkle I will add to this story is that if they choose to go this route, I would make the Joker a surprise villain and make the Red Hood/Jason Todd the guy kidnapping the Bat family. This makes sense because he would have an intimate knowledge of how Bruce would react to his identity and closest allies being attacked by some unknown entity.

It would be a nice mix of the “Under the Red Hood” and “Death of the Family” story lines and have it revealed that the Joker never actually killed Jason, but rather manipulated Todd, similar to how he manipulated Harley Quinn.

In any case, a “Death of the Family” story would serve as a great introduction to the rest of the Bat family and not force their appearances through awkward cameos and easter eggs.


Batman and Son

WB/DC movies need to stop being afraid of the sidekicks. The best way to introduce a new Robin would be to adapt Grant Morrison’s “Batman and Son” story where we are introduced to the love child of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul: Damian Wayne.

While it could prove difficult to flip Talia from the bad taste left in viewers mouths from “The Dark Knight Rises”, it is a wonderful story that could -again- help bring in other members of Bruce Wayne’s adopted family to come in and not be clunky as these characters would have to be introduced to Damian.

Damian is a divisive character who is one of the best characters to don the Robin costume. Adapting this story could be a great nature vs nurture/self control tale.

Honorable Mention: Night/Court of Owls

The first Batman arc in the New 52 and a fan favorite. It is unlikely we will see this as the first outing for the newest Batman solo film mostly because this story is being adapted for the DC TV show ‘Gotham’

What are your thoughts on these possible plots for the upcoming solo Batman film? What would you like to see? Leave your comments below and let’s discuss!

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    I hope we see Night of Owls. A live action Killing Joke would be cool too


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