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Ittle Dew 2+ is the newest indie RPG to be released by Nintendo to add to its already hefty indy arsenal.

Nintendo has made a complete 180 from the selection of games we now have with the Nintendo Switch compared to what we had with the Wii U. Especially with the number of games we have gotten since the Switch’s release. It hasn’t even been a year, and we have over 100 games to choose from.

We haven’t seen anything like this since the Atari days. However, in this era, were are a lot of quality games, compared to the drowning of Atari games that were just garbage. In fact, with the Switch’s easier to develop Tegra chip and Nintendo’s more open policy towards indie developers, the floodgates have opened for indie companies to jump on the Switch’s wave.

With that said, we are getting many indie re-releases, we’ve have already seen on the PS4, Xbox, Steam, and other PC platforms. While many of us are waiting for games like Undertale to (hopefully one day) get ported, we have gotten some stellar, less known games via various publishers. One that sticks out is indie publisher Nicalis who has been re-releasing both digital and hard copy games such as The Binding of Isaac, Cave Story, Redout, Tiny Barbarian, currently released Ittle Dew 2+, and other planned future releases like The End Is Nigh and Blade Stangers.

Currently, Nicalis has just released the popular indie game Ittle Dew 2+, both digitally, and in a hard copy package. Nicalis is becoming famous for releasing their hard copy games with extras, like a classic tutorial booklet, keychains, and more.  These releases are limited and meant for the collectors who appreciate physical copies. Nicalis has gone above and beyond to release these physical copies with free goodies to remind us of the good old days when games came with manuals and extras.

Without further a due, here is our spoiler-free review of Ittle Dew 2+ for the Nintendo Switch.



Ittle Dew 2+ for the Nintendo Switch has had a mostly silent release. Like many game releases, we have to rely on the reviews of gaming news sites and Youtube channels and TV/video promos. With that said, it appears that not too many popular gaming sites have been covering indie releases as much as we feel they should. Thankfully, we have folks on Youtube who really care about the indy gaming scene, and have taken the time to review these games.

Nicolis hasn’t promoted these games to the full extent of let’s say an EA game, etc. But indie companies don’t have the same kind of resources as big companies to fund such costly endeavors, so they rely on word of mouth, Youtube reviewers, and smaller gaming sites like this one. I hadn’t known about Ittle Dew 2 up until the Switch version was being talked about. I learned of this release through Youtube channels like Switchforce, and 8-Bit Eric.

With little promo but with a high buzz on Youtube, I looked more into Nicalis’ release information. Being a physical copy collector myself, I was aware that Nicalis offered physical copies of most of the Switch releases, but also included extras.

I was extremely pleased both the packaging and the price. For starters, the art on both the outside and inside is just so beautiful to look at. The illustrations mixed with and colors chosen are just spectacular. The images of the world and wacky characters give you a sense that you’re in for an interesting story.

What pleased me, even more, was that Nicalis went out of their way to print a beautiful, full color, instruction manual, to include as part of the retail package. On top of that, they also gave a colorful, foldable map of the Ittle Dew world.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, they offered this whole package for just $29.99. The digital version also sells for $29.99, so for physical copy collectors, this is a no-brainer.


It’s no secret that Ittle Dew 2+ looks a lot like everyone’s favorite 2D RPG, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. However, I will be one of the first to say, that Ittle Dew isnt a clone of 16-bit RPGs, but a love letter to 16-Bit RPG’s from developers who are clearly fans.


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