During Star Wars Celebration Lucasfilm/Disney dropped a bunch of goodies. Among them a debut of some rough cuts from the upcoming ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ and debuting the official trailer for the upcoming third season of Disney XD’s ‘Star Wars Rebels’.


Hot on the heels of the exhilarating season two finale, season three would seem to pick up a few weeks/months after the events of second season. Kanan would appear to have embraced his blindness, while also growing a pretty classy beard. Ezra has cut his hair and the rebellion is gaining momentum in their fight against the Empire.


One of the biggest reveals within the trailer is officially bringing Grand Admiral Thrawn into the Star Wars continuity. Thrawn is a fan favorite who many speculated could appear in ‘Rogue One’, which would now seem unlikely given that no one of blue skin pigment has been shown in the films trailers or footage. SWR2

Another fan favorite who is returning, is Darth Maul who we last saw flying away from the Sith temple in the season two finale. Ezra has clearly come into contact with Maul more than once given some of the things revealed in the trailer.

I believe that many of these moments will be played out in flashbacks throughout the season premier episode. Most of these things teased seem like too big of moments to give away as part of the end of the season. swr4

Ezra and Kanan aren’t the only ones to come into contact with Maul and he would appear to be trying to either mind trick or get information from Hera.sw8

This is where the trailer seems to get really deep into the Star Wars mythos. Whatever this giant creature is, it would seem that he is what one might refer to as a Grey Jedi. The line “I’m the one in the middle” might refer to the idea that there is a middle ground between the Jedi and the Sith and that could be where Ezra-and the conveniently absent Ahsoka’s fate within the Force.swr6

Another bit that seems too big of a reveal to not be in the premier episode of the season, it would appear that Kanan communes with the Light side of the Force to be able to see to help fight for Ezra’s soul.swr7Clearly the aftermath of his experience with the Green Force Ghost, we can only presume that Kanan will have his sight back for a time.SWR1 Here we get our first shot of what should be another epic dual between Maul and Kanan. Where Ezra is during this fight is sure to impact how this fight goes.swr5This is likely the precursor to the dual above. However, the events happening in this moment are quite intriguing. It would appear that Ezra and Maul are combining a Sith and Jedi Holocron. What something like this could do is probably not good, since one could guess that this is Maul’s idea.

Again, I presume that most of these images and moments are from either the premier or any of the first five episodes to come out once the season begins. I believe that some of the moments could also be flashbacks to a time between the end of season two and the beginning of season three.

What were some of your favorite moments from the trailer? Are you excited to see Grand Admiral Thrawn officially enter into the Star Wars canon? Leave your thoughts, comments and theories below!

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