Mastermind Creations (MMC) has announced their exclusive releases for TFCON Chicago via the Mastermind Creations Facebook page.


On October 14, 2016, MMC  revealed the TFcon Chicago 2016 exclusive PS-01S Sphinx (Mirage) Stealth Alternate Version which will be available to attendees at the Ages Three and Up booth at this year’s show. It is a complete reverse of the Toronto exclusive and will be limited to only 500 pieces. This figure will come individually numbered and will never again be issued in this type of scheme. This limited release will retail at $120.

On October 15, 2016, the very next day after the MMC reveal of the Sphinx Stealth Alternate Version exclusive, MMC once again revealed yet another Ocular Max series figure PS-10 Roadcrane (Hauler) which will also be a TFCON Chicago’16 exclusive. This release will also be limited to 500 pieces worldwide, and available at MMC shop during TFCON Chicago, No price has yet been announced, but we’re keeping our eyes glued to the Mastermind Creations Facebook page for updates on both the price and maybe future exclusive reveals.

severoThough we are uber excited for these exclusive, it does feel a bit last minute, much like last weeks sold out (35 attendee limit) Customizing Class. The Customizing Class reveal was a terrific addition, especially when it was announced the figure being customized would be a FansProject LER-04 Severo figure, also known as Grimlock. The class costs a generously low $60, compared to what the figure costs alone, $100-$120 online. Insanely cool right?! Well, it appears some folks are not too happy that some of these announcements have been coming a few days away from the actual convention.

With that said, many of us are extremely happy and feel lucky that these additions have been added to the show. I would encourage everyone, as a convention veteran, to always prepare ahead of time for unexpected announcements and/or costs.

shafter-axisDon’t forget that VIP guests will be receiving convention exclusive Masterpiece figures, Shafter and Axis. So so far, we have several exclusives available, so here at the Fanriot, we’re excited to pick them all up. I am personally excited for the PS-01S Sphinx (Mirage) Stealth Alternate Version. 

What Transformer exclusives are you excited for?

Stay tuned for updates!


Gallery: Sphinx & Roadcrane
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