The long-awaited passes for TFcon Toronto have finally gone on sale!

TFcon 2016 Chicago


For several months, Transformers fans from Canada, U.S., and Europe had been anticipating for the TFcon Toronto passes to go on sale. I for one was a getting a bit worried, as I have made traveling plans in advance and I had no clue as to when passes were going to go on sale even though the con was only 7 weeks away.

Well, they have arrived and there are several tiers of passes.

WEEKEND PASS (early admission on both days) – $50 (includes HST)
SATURDAY PREMIUM PASS (9 am entry) – $35 (includes HST)
SATURDAY REGULAR PASS (11 am entry) – $20 (includes HST)
SUNDAY PREMIUM PASS (10 am entry) – $20 (includes HST)
SUNDAY REGULAR PASS (11 am entry) – $10 (includes HST)
KIDS ONE DAY PASS (ages 5-12) – $5 (includes HST)
CHILDREN aged 4 and under – FREE

There is an additional Premium tier along with additional activity tickets.

TFcon Toronto 2017 Premium Weekend Pass – $150.00 + $9.60 FEE

-Includes convention exclusive toys Axis, Masterpiece Shafter, and Stronghold -Early entrance to TFcon on both days.

TFcon Toronto 2017 Aaron Archer Friday Workshop – $30.00 + $2.40 FEE

THE WARROOM, Development of a franchise. Have you ever wanted to be part of the creative team? Have you sat post-credits and wondered, “why did they do that?” on a franchise? Join Aaron Archer as he shares his thoughts about trans-media creation. Attendees will participate in an interactive, creative group experience to create the “next big thing.”* Given a brief of hypothetical corporate goals and insights, the team will create a new property based choices we make as a group. We will react to the types of real world issues that come up during development. Aaron will guide you through various approaches, and highlight examples of why some of your favorite franchises may succeed or fail. Anyone with an interest in the creative process behind franchise building will find this an informative and entertaining event. *Scenario for the purpose of seminar demonstration only. (former Hasbro Designer, and Franchise creative. Transformers, GI Joe, and Others)

TFcon Toronto 2017 Friday Customizing Class – $80.00 + $5.40 FEE

Takes you through the real customizing process from start to finish, taking a toy and transforming it into a new character. Using paint, stickers and several hours of focus, all skill levels can learn how to create their own custom toy in this class where everything you need will be provided.

I can break down a few I am familiar with:

Premium Weekend Pass – $150

The Premium Weekend Pass has additional perks. However, when I purchased mine for Chicago back in 2016, I did not get early admission. It simply came with Shafter, Axis and a TFCon tote bag. The badge wasn’t VIP or PREMIUM. It was just a standard weekend badge with 2 not-so-good figures. If you are familiar with X-Transbots, their early figures were poorly built. When I took them out of the box, I really felt they weren’t worth the additional $100. However, they are a bit hard to find, so I do recommend them for collectors who are into older 3 party figures. I traded both of mine for a single masterpiece.

This year, I will likely not get the Premium Weekend Pass as it just not worth it to me. I like the early admission perk, plus they added an additional figure. I just wish they would move on 2 other exclusives and stop adding the same figures. I was pretty disappointed. However, If you don’t own any of this 3 figures, this package may be right for you.

Friday Customizing Class – $80

This class I did enjoy in Chicago. It was only $60 though. The figure being customized was an out of box Severo Daiclone Edtion. We painted into a G2 Grimlock. The figure alone was worth it. I might jump in this class if the class and figure are similar to Chicago’s. They also provide tools, paint, brushes, tutorials and hand on assistance.

There you go, folks! Those are the tickets available and my 2 cents on what I have experienced. Visit for further information when the early prices end!

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