Hype is a funny thing when it comes to games. A lot of times a game hyped and fails to meet the absurd standards the publisher set for it. The original Titanfall did suffer from this, with, “Believe the Hype” quotes all over its marketing.  Titanfall was a good game, but the lack of single player did hold it back. Two years later the team at Respawn Entertainment have released a game that can rival the likes of other genre titans, in many ways. (I am a dad now puns are expected)

The biggest change to Titanfall 2 is it’s single player campaign. Looking past the trope riddled writing of the main character, you will find a campaign that loves to toy with mechanics. The pacing of each of level really allows players to adapt, and learn each new mechanic they throw at you.  The game cycles through each of these new mechanics after each level, making each memorable. This cycle makes the sense of character growth feel absent in the campaign.  By the time you get to the end, your basic skills will have improved to the point of godhood.

I cannot go into detail with out spoiling this amazing campaign. Please skip the next paragraph if you want to avoid spoilers

The campaign also plays like a greatest hits album of shooters past.  Wall running on a suspended platform that looks like a prefabricated house on a conveyor belt, gives off a distinct Portal vibe. A glove that allows for the player to shift between two points in time, feels like Bioshock Infinite. Jumping into a titan feels empowering and a force multiplier on the battle, like Master Chief does in Halo. While the core gun play is tight and responsive like Call of Duty.

(Spoilers Over)

The multiplayer clearly understands the concept of, “if it is not broke, don’t fix it”.  Subtle mechanic changes make the game more balanced, and rewarding. A new rodeo mechanic, rewards players for risking it all by jumping on a 40 ton walking death robot. Once on you steal its core, which then can be taken to a friendly titan to heal or boost its power. This balancing gives players a great incentive to work as a team. Beyond this mechanic, pilot combat has not changed much. When a player decides its time to call in their titan, the combat really changes from the first game. No longer are titans just bigger pilots, but rather a hero character. Each titan feels more like a hero from Overwatch than the titans from the original, with preset load outs and rolls.  This allows the players to better read each situation and react accordingly.  It is a great system that improves the flow of combat.

Titanfall 2 fixes nearly every complaint players had about the original, while adding a generous helping of quality. This year has been filled with many quality shooters. Overwatch is a landmark title in multiplayer shooting. Doom brought us back to the fast paced glory of the ’90’s shooter. Titanfall 2 manages to be the complete package, more so than either of those titles. It is extremely rare that a shooter these days has a campaign that matches the multiplayer in terms of quality, or vice versa. Titanfall 2 not only does this but does so in a way that trumps many of the genre’s marque titles. The fact that Titanfall 2 will also be supported with free DLC maps, modes, and titans thru micro transactions is also great.  It is ok this time to, “Believe the Hype”, Titanfall 2 is really as good as people claim it too be.

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